Completely new face
of breathable system


Breathabilitylike never before



The PowerBreeze® formula

PowerBreeze® is a high-tech microfabric system designed to provide maximum airflow and excellent breathability of every product it is used in. Additionally, it ensures temperature regulation, so it is not possible for you to get overheated, no matter how hard your work is.

Every person has 2 to 5 millions sweat glands located in the whole body whereas 250 000 is located in feet. Most of them are on the inner side of our feet and hands. Furthermore, they are much larger than on the other parts of our body. All these statistics are the reason why PowerBreeze® has included, among others qualities, a sufficient sweat discharging system in it. Hence our technology makes all garments highly adaptable to any condition.

PowerBreeze® equals total comfort of wearing any footwear and clothes. That is a result of a unique equation, made of a number of elements where the main component is a sum of breathability, airflow and sweat discharge systems.

Breathability you didn’t expect

During every activity body gives out a lot of energy. Approximately 80% of it turns into heat that has to be removed to avoid overheating. Throughout a usual, daily activity, that doesn’t involve physical work, in 30 minutes we produce so much heat that it could boil 2 liters of water. Due to that, a system in your clothing and footwear, providing ventilation and breathability, is essential. We made it our mission to make sure that the technology used to that purpose gives the best results in the industry.

PowerBreeze® is a completely new type of breathable system, that have never been used before in such an advanced form, especially in the shoe industry. Our technology keeps your feet completely dry and gives a boost to a perspiration management in any kind of activity. It guarantees the highest level of breathability and an ideal air circulation whatever you do.

Thinking about your comfort

In normal conditions just our feet produce 20 liters of sweat per year. In extreme conditions this amount significantly increases because during a very active day our body is able to sweat out more than 4 liters.

These statistics inspired us to create PowerBreeze® – the technology that eliminates moisture gathered inside your shoes and lets it freely pass through the material and vaporize. Wearing clothes and shoes should be a factor that brings full pleasure to your everyday activity, not only an unavoidable part of it. When the product you’re wearing is well-designed, it gives you a feeling of “second skin” and becomes something more than just a garment.

PowerBreeze® was made to adjust to your needs. It guarantees you true comfort of wearing apparel and shoes. Wherever you are and whatever you do.

Where is PowerBreeze® technology used?

PowerBreeze® is successfully used in work footwear as well as in sneakers or outdoor shoes. It works in the most extreme and demanding conditions where the reliability and comfort are highly desired. Find out who already use this unique technology.

  • Scandinavian shoe brand – the leader in safety footwear industry. It is a company with many years of experience, high quality products and an extensive distribution network.
  • Scandinavian brand with highly advanced, patented technologies. AIRTOX products are an ideal combination of the highest quality and great style.
  • New safety shoes brand, engineered by HKSDK Company A/S. Great quality footwear supported by high technologies at a competitive price.


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